Park Farm Fisheries

As often in Niigata, Mr Aoki was at first a hobbyist breeder. Working closely together with his friend Mr Kase he breeds very high quality metallic Doitsu varieties. However he is most famous, and not only in Japan, for his Kikokuryu varieties for which he has been awarded many prizes.
One cannot easily reserve fish of Mr Aoki since his fish are always in demand.
Choguro, yet another nickname, his real name Yoshio Hiroi is seldom used around, but everybody knows Choguro-san. Don't be fooled by his relative small outlet and koi house. He produces quite a lot of nice and unusual varieties. Although most famous for his purachina, he offers others like Sabao and Kabuto-daiwa etc.
Torazo Koi Farm is run by Tsuyoshi Kawakami. He has bred some truly spectacular koi over the years, and will continue to do so for many more. He mainly breeds Sanke and these are very distinctive with deep and well placed sumi markings, making his larger Koi very impressive indeed.
Torazo is also well known for breeding Tancho Kohaku and produces many fine examples.
Among the other varieties are superb Kohaku and Showa.
For Go-Sanke fans its a must visit. Located at the bottom of the mountains in Urakawa, it is the first stop on many peoples travels to the Yamakoshi.
In 2007 Torazo took Grand Champion at the Nogyosai Koi show in Ojiya City with a stunning 82cm Sanke, a koi which was only six years old. This shows what Tsuyoshi is aiming to do in the future.
Torazo will keep going from strength to strength in the coming years, as his koi are truly excellent.